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From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Amelia Harun
Sent: 5 November, 2007
Subject: P Ramlee music sheets

Hi Amelia,
Pleased be informed that the P Ramlee music score books are no longer available.
However, you can still get a book called 'Senandung Warisan' which has P Ramlee song notes at the Pustaka Peringatan P Ramlee in Kuala Lumpur.

Amelia Harun wrote:

>I've been searching for P.Ramlee music sheets/score books.
>So far no luck, i've tried all the major bookstores in KL, and some piano shops and schools.
>So i tried googling it, and your web comes as the most relevant.
>Can I please know where i can buy those books you displayed on your website?
>Kindly reply my email, it would be much appreciated

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Simon Peter
Sent: 15 August, 2007
Subject: Memories of a Legend

Hi Simon,
You could order it from the MPH bookstore. Some outlets have not replaced the stocks but it is still available from the publisher. First published in 2002 and sold at RM 45.00 a copy.

Simon Peter wrote:

>Is the book about P Ramlee "The Bright Star" already available in our book stores here in KL. If so, any idea as to how much it would cost to buy it?
>Simon Peter

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Jaye Blanchard
Sent: 9 August, 2007
Subject: Memories of a Legend

Hi Jaye,
You may want to check out 'P Ramlee - The Bright Star' (2002) by James Harding and Ahmad Sarji. The book is in English. It has many personal life stories taken from old film magazines written when P Ramlee still alive.

Jaye Blanchard of North Carolina, USA wrote in Fans of P Ramlee:

>I had been waiting with bated breath for one of his children to write a book on P Ramlee. Only his kids can relate to his fans what his personal life was like. Some had compared him to being the Malay "John Wayne". But John Wayne can't sing!
>Now I look forward to having a copy in my hands. It is unlikely that the likes of Barnes and Noble or Borders will carry it here, so I'd purchase it online.
>Yes, P Ramlee will live on for a thousand years more thanks to your efforts too.
>Thanks Zaedi!

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Fans of P Ramlee
Sent: 4 August, 2007
Subject: Memories of a Legend

JULY 29, 2007

Memories of a Legend

Nasir P Ramlee recently wrote a book about his beloved father and shares some memories with AREF OMAR


He was the quintessential artiste, who defined the music and film industry in the 50s and 60s. As a singer, actor and filmmaker P Ramlee brought joy, laughter and tears to his fellow countrymen.

"Daddy was just a normal man to me, like any other father who loved his children," said Nasir P Ramlee, progeny of the great artiste with the late Junaidah Harris.

The cheerful and animated 54-year-old works as a combo Coordinator at Istana Budaya, where he arranges music and leads a band for in-house productions.

"Growing up I used to dread Sundays because Daddy would usually be in the house and he would cook for the family. His dishes were experimental, very pelik (strange).

Read more

From: Ahmad Najib
To: Zaedi Zolkafli
Sent: 24 June, 2007
Subject: 'The Hilt' magazine features P Ramlee

As a writer researching for an article on P.Ramlee, I came across your site www.p-ramlee.com/p-ramlee/mainp.htm and registered as a fan.

I'm happy to inform you that my article "P.Ramlee - One of a Kind" has been published in the current edition of 'The Hilt' magazine which is available free at any of the Hilton Hotels in 11 Asia Pacific countries.

Do check it out.

I have also just bought 'Bapaku P Ramlee' (My Father, P Ramlee) by Nasir P Ramlee while paying a courtesy visit to the Director of Pustaka Peringatan P Ramlee last week. It's a poignant book which filled me with nostalgia and more respect for this great man. May Allah reward him for his good deeds.

Hope you get to read my article and give feedback. BTW, I don't know how to post a comment on your fan site, so I appreciate if you could post this message for me to share with fellow fans.

Writer, Translator, Researcher, Consultant in Heritage & Tourism

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Fans of P Ramlee
Sent: 24 June, 2007
Subject: Tribute to P Ramlee's first and last films

More poems tribute to P Ramlee
by Devendran K. Shanmuganathan.

I. First Movie, 'Chinta'.

He entered with 'Chinta' into the inch-industry.
A story of a prince, princess and their chemistry.

At only 19 chosen he was for his violin-voice.
As a villain he strode in the movie proving this choice.

Even the lead actress used this as her bladder-blanket.
But it was this that later made him into a planet.

Besides as a villain he rolled behind the curtain dresses.
Just 5 months of 1948 'Chinta' was for viewers.

In black and white were the immaculate images.
Malay Film Productions were the professed-producers.

II. Last Movie, 'Laxmana Do Re Mi'

These 1972 comics are P Ramlee's curtains.
Self-directed but produced by Merdeka Film Productions.

With Re and Mi, he flew on calf-carpets and spied on missions.
This black and white movie is the last of the trio's portions.

Compared to their earlier two hits, this is too chisel-cheesy.
The jokes were not spine-spicy, and neither was their act juicy.

However, with his sweet tone and tune this movie proved worthy.
Though P Ramlee remained hot, he had become a snail-sleazy.

He bid farewell to the acting ring and movie direction.
Only to leave Malaysians without a trail to perfection.

Devendran K. Shanmuganathan
Copyright 2007 Devendran K. Shanmuganathan

From: Devendran K. Shanmuganathan
To: Fans of P Ramlee
Sent: 30 May, 2007
Subject: A poem in remembrance of P Ramlee

P Ramlee
The Legendary Malaysian Entertainer

Bore borne born he was as Teuku Zakaria Teuku Nyak Puteh.
March 22 1929 on the Pearl Island state.

A sun son was he of an Indonesian man.
Borne born, raised and bred in this hilly Malay land.

He became the pulse pearl to the Malay entertainment world.
Eyes ice his name he did in the 1947 fold.

He began his apt act in 'Chinta' as an evil debris.
With his witty act and tuney tunes he laced the industry.

He ever ended his act with one of his own making woo.
In 'Laxmana Do Re Mi' of 1972!

And with three whitened wives under his bell belly belt pasture.
He finally ever ended his run in naked nature.

That day was on May 29 1973.
A lock loss for the Malay entertainment industry.

A living bea bean beacon he is no longer.
But be cherry cherished he will be forever.

Devendran K. Shanmuganathan
Copyright 2007 Devendran K. Shanmuganathan

Click Here to Rate My Poem http://poetry.com/voteforme/poemvote1.asp?PID=6197913

From: Dianee Rahman
To: Fans of P Ramlee
Sent: 25 February, 2007
Subject: Organise a trip to Penang

Thanks for the update. I've purchased the books for my dad during our 1st visit to the Pustaka Peringatan P Ramlee Dec 2006 :)

Anyway, any possibilities you organise a trip to Penang to visit P Ramlee museum. Can i suggest like a P.Ramlee fans gathering and visit to the museum at Penang? I would not mind travelling to KL and join the group with my dad. As long, it's during school holiday, affordable trip. To make the trip fun, maybe we can have games related to P.Ramlee. I wouldn't mind helping out for the games.

Hope you can organise one...

Thank you very much.

Lots of Love,
Dianee Rahman

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Fans of P Ramlee
Sent: 21 February, 2007
Subject: P Ramlee books

On my recent visit to Pustaka Peringatan P Ramlee (The P Ramlee Memorial) in Kuala Lumpur, I had bought three P Ramlee books published by Arkib Negara Malaysia:

1. 'P Ramlee - Sepanjang Riwayatku' - This book contains about 100 images of P Ramlee throughout his lifetime. His music career, film career, sport activities, personal friends and fans. Some of the photos are currently on display at The P Ramlee Memorial.

2. 'Senandung Warisan' - This book has 220 lyrics including songs written by P Ramlee, songs written by P Ramlee but performed by other singers, and songs written by others but performed by P Ramlee. It has music scores of 94 songs. Also, a biography of ten music composers/songwriters who had collaborated with P Ramlee. Recommended for the musically inclined.

3. 'P Ramlee - Seniman Agung Dunia Melayu' - This book is a compilation of 31 papers presented at the P Ramlee seminar in Kuala Lumpur on 11-13 June 2002. It is divided into four parts: i) History of the artist. ii) Analysis of the artist, his music and films. iii) Perspectives from closed friends. iv) Views from the region.

The books are in Malay. Still available at Pustaka Peringatan P Ramlee.

You can view the P Ramlee books at:

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