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From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Ikhwan Fikri
Sent: 16 July, 2014
Subject: order enquiry

Hi Ikhwan,
The 'Selamat Hari Raya' (1955) film is not available in the market. It was actually a Hari Raya short film produced by Cathay Keris Film as a promo.

Ikhwan wrote:

>I'm interested in film entitled Selamat Hari Raya (1955). Can you tell me how do i order the cd from you?

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Mumtazah Mustajab
Sent: 28 June, 2014
Subject: Getaran Jiwa

Hi Mumtazah,
The piano in 'Getaran Jiwa' was played by Ismail Kassim. He was a last minute replacement for Ahmad Wan Yet who couldn't make it to the recording session. I believe Ismail Kassim is the husband of singer Asian Aman @ Nona Asiah.

Mumtazah wrote:

>I saw your email address under the P.Ramlee website. I want to know who is the original pianist for Getaran Jiwa when P.Ramlee recorded the song.
>Thank you.
>Ms Mumtazah

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Yasmin Mariska
Sent: 16 March, 2014
Subject: P Ramlee as a case study for my MA in Film Studies thesis

Hi Yasmin,
You can always drop by at the P Ramlee Cyber Museum. I will try to answer your enquiry where my time permits.

Yasmin wrote:

>I am a film student at the university of Exeter, United Kingdom interested in studying the works and art of P Ramlee as the subject for my MA thesis. I'd like to have continuous contact with your publishing members for information. Please reply me if this is workable.
>Thank you.

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Intan Suhada
Sent: 2 March, 2014
Subject: Enquiry

Hi Intan Suhada,
Buku Kisah Hidup Seniman Agung P Ramlee karya Abdullah Hussain kini tiada lagi di pasaran.

Intan Suhada wrote:

>saya ingin bertanya buku Kisah Hidup Seniman Agung P.Ramlee karya Dato Abdullah Hussain masih ada tak keluarannya..

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Natasha
Sent: 2 March, 2014
Subject: Enquiry

Hi Natasha,
The 'Melanchong Ke Tokyo' (1964) VCD is currently not available in the market. Everybody is looking for it, including me :(

Natasha wrote:

>I have been looking 'Melancong Ke Tokyo'VCD starring Sa'adiah & S. Kadarisman. Wondering whether do you have the same.
>Thanks & Regards

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Iwa Kym
Sent: 9 February, 2014
Subject: Buku-buku tentang P.Ramlee

Hi Iwa,
Kebanyakan buku P Ramlee tiada lagi di pasaran kecuali buku-buku yang diterbitkan oleh Arkib Negara Malaysia yang ada dijual di Pustaka Peringatan P Ramlee (Kuala Lumpur) dan Galeri P Ramlee (Pulau Pinang).

Kami hanya menjual buku Koleksi P Ramlee terbitan Felix Entertainment dengan harga USD 10.00 senaskah.

Iwa wrote:

>Saya Iwa dari medan,indonesia. Saya sedang mencari buku2 tentang P. Ramlee yang sulit sekali menemukannya di Indonesia. Bolehkah memberitahu bagaimana saya memperolehnya?
>terima kasih.

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Felicia Tan
Sent: 9 February, 2014
Subject: Enquiry on film copyrights

Hi Felicia,
We would advise that you liaise with the Shaw Organisation in Singapore that produced the P Ramlee films.

Felicia wrote:

>Could you kindly advise on who holds the rights for Tan Sri P. Ramlee movies?
>We urgently need to use a footage in a movie. Hope to hear from your reply.
>Please kindly advise.
>Best Regards

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Janice Foong
Sent: 16 January, 2014
Subject: Tan Sri P Ramlee Songs

Hi Janice,
'Terbang Burung Terbang' is featured in 'Anak Bapak' (1968). I suggest that you get the 'Keluarga 69' (1967) VCD to confirm the other songs.

Janice wrote:

>I would like to know whether the following songs were featured in these films ?
>Song title / Film Title
>Entah di Mana / Keluarga 69
>Mengapa Derita / Keluarga 69
>Semenjak Mata Bertentang / Keluarga 69
>Terbang Burung Terbang / Anak Bapak
>Perhaps you could provide your contact number as I need to speak to you to find out more about the above songs.
>Many thanks.
>Best regards,

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Fans of P Ramlee
Sent: 2 January, 2014
Subject: The P Ramlee Cyber Museum

Wishing a Happy New Year to all Fans of P Ramlee.

Since its launching on 22 Mac 1998, The P Ramlee Cyber Museum has continued to grow in size with currently 800 webpages. We are on the track to complete at least 1,000 webpages before the second launching this year. Thus, having the Guinness World Records for "The Largest Homepage Tribute To Any Performing Artiste That Ever Lived!". There will also be entertainment-on-demand original video and audio contents at the newly upgraded The P Ramlee Cyber Museum.

Please note that domain www.p-ramlee.com is owned by Felix Entertainment. The P Ramlee Cyber Museum has no affiliation or association with a clone tiny website with similar url *www.p-ramlee.com.my* that unashamedly used our content materials illegally.

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