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2012 / 1


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2012 / 1

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: anju gupta
Sent: 21 May, 2012
Subject: P Ramlee film

Hi Anju,
Felix Entertainment does not own the rights to P Ramlee films. They belonged to the Shaw Organisation which has an office in Singapore. Music Valley Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor of the P Ramlee titles on VCD and DVD.

Anju wrote:

>We would like to buy dvds and copyrights of P. Ramlee films.
>Are you the right company for this or could you direct us to the right company?
>Anju Gupta

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Ismail Hashim
Sent: 16 May, 2012
Subject: Buku Buku P.Ramlee

Hi Ismail,
Kebanyakan buku-buku P Ramlee dalam senarai yang diberikan sekarang amat sukar untuk dicari. Kamu boleh mendapatkan beberapa buku terbitan Arkib Negara di Pustaka Peringatan P Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur atau Galeri P Ramlee di Pulau Pinang. Kami hanya menjual buku majalah 'Koleksi P Ramlee' terbitan Felix Entertainment di kedai buku terpilih atau melalui laman The P Ramlee Cyber Museum.

Ismail wrote:

>Bagaimana cara untuk mendapatkan buku-buku P Ramlee, saya berminat untuk membelinya
>Koleksi P Ramlee - Zaedi Zolkafli. (Felix Entertainment 2011)
>Filem-Filem P Ramlee - Mustafar A R & Aziz Sattar (MZA Terbit Enterprise. 2008)
>Bapaku P Ramlee - Mohamad Nasir P Ramlee (MPH Group Publishing Sdn Bhd. 2007)
>P Ramlee Di Cakera Nusantara - Awang Azman Awang Pawi & Khor Chooi Lian (Editor) (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. 2005)
>Senandung Warisan - (Arkib Negara Malaysia. 2004)
>P Ramlee - Seniman Agung Dunia Melayu - (Arkib Negara Malaysia. 2003)
>P Ramlee - The Bright Star - James Harding & Ahmad Sarji (Pelanduk Publications (M) Sdn Bhd. 2002)
>P Ramlee Yang Saya Kenal - Yusnor Ef (Pelanduk Publications (M) Sdn Bhd. 2000)
>P Ramlee - Erti Yang Sakti - Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid (Pelanduk Publications (M) Sdn Bhd. 1999)
>P Ramlee - Legenda Yang Terus Hidup - Aimi Jarr (Variapop Group. 1999)
>P Ramlee - Sepanjang Riwayatku - (Arkib Negara Malaysia. 1998)
>Kenangan Abadi P Ramlee - Ramli Ismail (Adhicipta Sdn Bhd. 1998)
>Getaran - A P Ramlee Tribute. Songs from his movies - (Panggung Negara. 1998)
>Air Mata Di Kuala Lumpur. Lagu-lagu P Ramlee - Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid & Johari Salleh (Harvard Club Of Malaysia. 1996)
>Gelora - Lagu-lagu Filem P Ramlee 1961 - 1972 - Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid & Johari Salleh (Harvard Club Of Malaysia. 1995)
>Seniman Agong P Ramlee - Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid (Harvard Club Of Malaysia. 1995)
>Senandung Seniman Agung - Zakiah Hanum (Editor) (Berita Publishing Sdn Bhd. 1984, 1990)
>Irama Lagu P Ramlee. Lagu-lagu Filem 1948 - 1960 - Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid & Johari Salleh (Harvard Club Of Malaysia. 1994)
>Manusia P Ramlee - Wan Hamzah Awang (Penerbitan Fajar Bakti Sdn Bhd. 1993)
>P Ramlee Seniman Agung - Ahmad Idris (ABI) (Utusan Publications & Distributors Sdn Bhd. 1986)
>Seniman Negara P Ramlee - Ahmad Bujang & Mohd Sahari Nordin (International Book Service. 1985)
>P Ramlee - Kisah Hidup Seniman Agong - Abdullah Hussain (Penerbitan Pena Sdn Bhd. Revised 1984)
>P Ramlee Dari Kacamata Aimi Jarr - Aimi Jarr (Pustaka Romjarr. 1984)
>P Ramlee AMN - Pujaan Nusantara - Kalam Hamidy (Percetakan Bendahara. 1973)
>Gagak Di Rimba - Abdullah Hussain (1966)
>Album P Ramlee - Mustafa Ton (circa 1960s)
>Kisah Hidup P Ramlee - Abdullah Hussain (circa 1950s)

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Hanizah Abdul Bahar
Sent: 26 April, 2012
Subject: buku p ramlee

Hi Hanizah,
Pleased be informed that the 'Irama Lagu P Ramlee. Lagu-lagu Filem 1948-1960' and other books published by Harvard Club Malaysia are difficult to get. Other titles published by Arkib Negara can be purchased from Pustaka Peringatan P Ramlee in Kuala Lumpur and Galeri P Ramlee in Penang. We are only selling 'Koleksi P Ramlee' that is published by us via our website and selected book outlets.

Hanizah wrote:

>I am a music lecturer from Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Ipoh and recently had stumbbled upon an interesting book which is "Irama Lagu P Ramlee. Lagu-lagu Filem 1948-1960" but it was a photostated copy whom a friend had loaned to me. Thus the interest to purchase an original copy, which has led me to your website. I have tried to locate The Harvard Club Malaysia website to enquire directly about the book but unable to do so. (could not link). Currently I am teaching vocal studies and music appreciation to my pre- U students, and also adult learners university students in IPG Kampus Ipoh. One of the main component in the pro-forma is P. Ramlee music and flims.
>There are very limited music books in our library, therefore the interest to purchase this particular book which has a wide spread of songs that is currently in the pro-forma listing of vocal songs for students to study and sing. I wonder if I may know that you can help me to get hold of this book particular book. I would actually like to have 2 copies (one to contribute to my campus library and one for my reference to teach my subject).of this book and also other book that you may have.
>I have noticed quite a variety of books that I can get hold of through your company. I have no credit card to pay via email/ e-pay so can I use bankdrafts to purchase these books? Please guide me how to do so.
>I really hope to get a response from you soon. Thank You very much,
>Hanizah binti Abdul Bahar
>Music Unit,
>Department of Social Studies,
>Ipoh Campus of Teachers' Institute,
>Hulu Kinta,

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Serene Yeoh
Sent: 15 April, 2012
Subject: P-Ramlee image rights and related matters

Hi Serene,
You may use the P Ramlee's images at our www.p-ramlee.com (www.felix-entertainment.com is the mirror site). These pictures are public domain unless indicated otherwise at the webpage. Kindly give pictures credit to the site.

Serene wrote:

>I would like to enquire if you hold any hi-res images of the late artiste P. Ramlee?
>If so, is there a fee incur, and how much would that be? I tried searching online to find the owners of his images and songs, but can't really get anything useful
>Serene Yeoh
>Account Manager
>Integricity Interactive

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Su Ching Teh
Sent: 14 April, 2012
Subject: P Ramlee stills

Hi Su Ching,
You may use the P Ramlee's images at our www.p-ramlee.com (felix-entertainment.com is the mirror site). These pictures are public domain unless indicated otherwise at the webpage. Kindly give pictures credit to the site.

Su Ching wrote:

>I'm doing some research and gathering materials on Singaporean filmmaker Eric Khoo for a BBC interview show called "Mishal Husain meets..."
>In his interview, Eric Khoo describes Singapore cinema in the 1950s and 1960s. I was wondering if you could grant us permission to use P Ramlee's stills on the Felix Entertiainment website. If you have any footage from his films, that would be very helpful too. Whom I contact about copyright issues and fees, if any?
>Thanks very much for your time!
>Su Ching

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Oummar Nor Aman Othman
Sent: 7 Mac, 2012
Subject: Request an Answer

Hi Oummar,
Thanks for your e-mail. Some of the Malay classic films you mentioned were in the market some time ago. Music Valley initially released over 200 films. Now they are concentrating on fast moving titles in 'DVD' format. However, the quality of the products remain the same in the new packaging despite higher retail price.

Oummar wrote:

>I'm in the process to collect as many as possible the old Malay movies. But I wonder why there are some titles are very difficult to access from the market. Probably the P. Ramlee's movies are easily available but some film like 'Puteri Gunong Banang' (1961), 'Bukan Salah Ibu Mengandung' (1969), 'Angkara' (1962) and 'Mas Merah' (1961) are rarely available. Do you have answer for this? Another question, some film like Korban, Sri Tanjong, Pertarongan, Amok Tok Nading and many more are not yet release by Music Valley. Do you think they will release it one day.
>By the way, I been following your site occationally. We need more people to share their knowledge about the our heritage. Keep up the good work.
>Hormat saya,
>Oummar Nor Aman bin Othman
>Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia, Gombak.

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Hanif
Sent: 2 January, 2012
Subject: New book magazine 'Koleksi P. Ramlee'

Hi Hanif,
You can find 'Koleksi P. Ramlee' at the outlets listed in this link:

Hanif wrote:

>Dear Zaedi,
>I am looking for your book 'Koleksi P.Ramlee' and where can I get?

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