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The P Ramlee Gallery
Arkib Negara Malaysia

The P Ramlee Gallery is located at his birthplace in Penang. It is now part of the Pustaka Warisan Seni Complex adjacent to the house. P Ramlee was born on morning of Idil Fitri on 22 March 1929.

The wooden house raised on stilts with attap roofing belonged to P Ramlee's maternal grandmother was rebuilt at the same site. There is also an old tree nearby where he used to play as a boy.

Officially opened on 13 December 1991, it has collections of P Ramlee's clothes, musical instruments, films, documents, personal artefacts and photos. His old bicycle is parked under the house.

Various P Ramlee merchandise are also available for sale.

The gallery is maintained by Arkib Negara Malaysia (Archive of Malaysia).

Galleri P Ramlee
40A Jalan P Ramlee (formerly Counter Hall)
10460 George Town
Pulau Pinang

Other venue
The P Ramlee Memorial
Kuala Lumpur

Visiting Hour:
Tuesday to Sunday (10 am - 5.00 pm)
Friday (10 am - 12.00 pm and 3.00 pm - 5.00 pm)
Closed on Monday (except school holiday and public holidays)

Admission is free
For details call the museum at 604.281.7484

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