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2005 / 1


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2005 / 1

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Shamsuddin Abdul Aziz
Sent: 14 July, 2005
Subject: are there any donations for the late artistes?

Hi Shamsuddin,
There is a 'Tabung Bin Ramlee Bin Puteh' for the children of P Ramlee. The funding is generated from royalty of P Ramlee songs which we can never ascertain how big. Lately, several veterans of the Jalan Ampas Studio are getting monthly allowances from the Malaysian Government. Not sure about public donations or 'kenduris' for the veteran artistes. Certainly good, if any. Somebody in the list might want to add.

Shamsuddin Abdul Aziz wrote:

>Bolehkah saya tahu jika industri seni tanahair malaysia/singapura ada mengendalikan sumbangan untuk arwah-arwah pelakon jalan ampas?
>Saya ingin tahu bagaimanakah untuk 'menderma' ke saduran tersebut seperti memperingati arwah seniwati saadiah, seniman p.ramlee, seniman Aziz Jaafar dan lain-lain.?
>Adakah industri bidang seni ada juga kendalikan'kenduri arwah ataupun jamuan' sempena memperingati perjuangan seni arwah-arwah yang pernah terlibat dalam bidang lakonan di jalan ampas dahulu?
>jika anda ada maklumat pada ketiga-tiga soalan saya itu sila email saya kembali

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Anand Ramanathan
Sent: 1 July, 2005
Subject: Picture of S Ramanathan

Hi Anand,
Many thanks for the picture of S Ramanathan. I have posted at the site. To view go to:

Anand Ramanathan wrote:

>I am sending two pictures - one is apparently a higher resolution scan than the other - please use whichever you like better...

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Fans of P Ramlee
Sent: 18 May, 2005
Subject: P Ramlee film classics

I met online Mr Anand Ramanathan who is the grandson of S Ramanathan. As you know, the senior Ramanathan was the director of 'Juwita' (1951), 'Sedarah' (1952), 'Ibu' / 'Mother' (1953) and 'Panggilan Pulau' (1954). These films are truly P Ramlee classics! Hope the family could share some stories about his working relationship with P Ramlee.

Comments from Fans of P Ramlee welcome.

Anand Ramanathan of Washington, USA wrote:

>Yes, he was my grandfather - he is no more (he passed away in 1999), and I do not know much about his days as a director. My father R Chandrasekhar or his sisters may have a lot more to share. Please let me know what you would like to know, and I would be glad to share with you.

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Abu bakar bin Abdullah
Sent: 6 April, 2005
Subject: Gambar Salleh Kamil

Hi Abu Bakar,
You can get the picture of Salleh Kamil at the P Ramlee Cyber Museum.

To view go to www.p-ramlee.com/p-ramlee/nostalgia.htm

Check out a collection of over 100 personalities from the golden era of Malay films.

Abu Bakar wrote:

>Tak ada ke gambar Salleh Kamil

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Cherlyn Liaw
Sent: 26 March, 2005
Subject: My school project - P.Ramlee

Hi Cherlyn,
You can use the information and pictures at the site. However, a matter of courtesy, please mention in your school project the P Ramlee Cyber Museum (www.p-ramlee.com) as its source.

P Ramlee was given the Panglima Setia Mahkota (PSM) medal which carries the title 'Tan Sri' on 6 June 1990.

Cherlyn wrote:

>I am Cherlyn Liaw and I am 10 years old. I am doing a school project on Tan Sri P. Ramlee. I hope I can use the some information and pictures from your website. Please can you tell me, when was P. Ramlee given the title Tan Sri??
>Thank you.

From: adlish ghazali
To: Fans of P Ramlee
Sent: 21 March, 2005
Subject: Synopsis of 'Anak-ku Sazali'

>Dear all,
>This is a short review on the story, as far as I remember... The overall story revealed the problem of a relationship between a father and his son. This is a very touching story, with a very sad ending. It began with an atmosphere of a rich family that only consisted of a father and a son. The dad loves his son (Sazali) very2 much, just because of he afraid that the son might feel incomplete due to the mum's absence (passed away). Sazali can get everything he want, which then made him feel so proud and naughty. As other normal children, the curiosity has led him to try anything, including all the bad deeds. He even dare to cheat his dad and also dare to confront his teachers. However, his father can not do anything to stop him, just because of the 'excessive' love to his one and only child. As time goes by, Sazali became a head of a gangster group, and has a great influence in Singapore. He had involved in a lot of robberies, where at last he has been trackdown by the police. In his last robbery, he has been shot and ran and hide at his father's house. His father has the greatest dilemma at that point of moment, whether to cover-up his son or report this to the authority. Lastly, in order to pay all of his wrong-doing before (not to bring his son up in the good way), he himself had called police and report that his son is hiding in his house. Sazali then has been caught by the police, leaving his father alone with all the memories.

From: Dr Ismail Ab Jamal
To: Fans of P Ramlee
Sent: 18 March, 2005
Subject: Synopsis of 'Anak-ku Sazali'

Full of drama, romance, tragedy and melodious songs. When P.Ramlee and Zaiton were on the sampan, this shot was the actual situation at that point of time where the Malayan people in the villages in the deep kampongs used rivers as mean of transportation way. The song "Tanya Sama Hati…" ('Itulah Sayang') I can say easily that it was one of those impactfully romantic songs ever written by P.Ramlee. The most upbeat song for the film and also at that time of the year 1956 was 'Joget Si Pinang Muda' where in the film it depicts the couple happiest moment when "Hassan" was very successful in his song writing career cum singer. For the rest of the synopsis, please read below:

Hassan ialah seorang anak yatim piatu yang bekerja dengan seorang yang kaya. Orang kaya tersebut mempunyai dua orang anak, Mansor dan Mahani. Hassan begitu meminati alunan muzik sehingga dia sanggup membelanjakan wangnya untuk membeli sebuah biola dan kemudian pergi belajar dengan seorang guru biola. Persahabatan Hassan dengan Mansor dan Mahani begitu erat. Apabila dewasa, Mansor dihantar belajar ke Singapura sementara Mahani pula hendak dikahwinkan dengan pilihan ayahnya. Hassan yang mempunyai perasaan kasih terhadap Mahani, tidak dapat menerima kenyataan itu lalu melarikan diri ke Singapura. Mahani yang juga mengasihi Hassan mengikutnya ke Singapura dan berjumpa Mansor. Mahani dan Hassan berkahwin dengan persetujuan Mansor yang sememangnya sedar tentang perhubungan adiknya dengan sahabatnya itu. Mansor juga turut berkahwin dengan seorang gadis bernama Rokiah. Selepas itu Hassan meneruskan minatnya kepada muzik dan berjaya menjadi seorang ahli muzik terkenal. Hassan begitu gembira apabila Mahani mengandung anak sulung mereka. Malangnya Mahani meninggal dunia ketika melahirkan anak lelaki yang kemudiannya dinamakan Sazali. Kasih sayang dan kepercayaan Hassan terhadap Sazali begitu tinggi sehingga menyebabkan Sazali membesar menjadi seorang yang kurang ajar dan membuat pelbagai kejahatan. Sazali mempunyai pengikut yang ramai dan menjadi seorang ketua gengster yang paling dikehendaki di Singapura. Pada suatu hari, polis berjaya mengesan rompakan yang sedang dilakukan oleh kumpulan Sazali, tetapi Sazali dapat melepaskan diri walaupun cedera akibat ditembak polis. Dia kembali ke rumah ayahnya untuk mendapatkan perlindungan. Hassan terpaksa membuat keputusan yang begitu berat bagi menebus kesilapannya di masa lalu.

The movie tells us the story of Hassan who has great passion for music. Hassan and Ani eloped and ran away to Singapore knowing that their marriage will never be approved by Ani's parents. Hassan soon made a name for himself as a musician and later as a composer. His compositions received great reviews. Hassan was overjoyed when he found out that his wife was pregnant but it soon turned to sorrow as Ani died giving birth to a son, Sazali. Hassan turned his affection towards Sazali and soon Sazali grew up into a rich spoilt kid. Sazali grew up to become one of Singapore's most wanted men. The police was tipped off when Sazali and his gang committed burglary. Sazali was shot but managed to escape and seek shelter in his father's home. What did Hassan do?

Yeo Kow Long wrote:

>Appreciate if you could provide the synopsis of movie 'Anak-ku Sazali'.
>Thank you & best regards
>Yeo Kow Long

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Shukri Abd. Mulok
Sent: 9 January, 2005
Subject: P Ramlee Documentary

Hi Shukri,
Thanks for the info. Please keep the P Ramlee collector items intact. Will keep in touch.

Shukri wrote in Fans of P Ramlee:

>I remember when I was in UKM in 1985, there's a student wrote a thesis on P. Ramlee's bibliography. I can't remember her name. It's good if you could liase with the university to obtain the copies of it.
>I also bought a book written by Abdullah Hussain who wrote about his history. Quite interesting.
>Some years back I bought VHS tapes comprised of P. Ramlee songs (compilation) during an exhibition in Muzium Negara. I still have the tape but not sure if it still in good condition. It will be great if DVD can be produced in this manner.

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Harris Anwar Saadullah
Sent: 7 January, 2005
Subject: Baidah

Hi Anwar,
List of songs recorded by P Ramlee and Nona Asiah (CHINTA 1948: 'Chinta', 'Kumbang dan Rama2'. NASIB 1949: 'Nasib', 'Awas2 Jangan Tertawan', 'Udara Nyaman', 'Oh Bulan', 'Asmara Bergelora'. NILAM 1949: 'Putus Harapan', 'Alam Di Tiup Bayu'. RACHUN DUNIA 1950: 'Melodi Asmara', 'Kolam Mandi'. BAKTI 1950: 'Hidup Berdua', 'Bubor Sagu'. BAPA SAYA 1951: 'Kerana Budi'. HUJAN PANAS 1953: 'Ingin Tahu'. ARJUNA 1954: 'Sikit Kasi Banyak Minta').

List of songs recorded by P Ramlee and Momo (CHINTA 1948: 'Gelora Asmara'. NASIB 1949: 'Nasib', 'Awas2 Jangan Tertawan', 'Udara Nyaman'. BAKTI 1950: 'Merpati Dua Sejoli'. TAKDIR ILAHI 1950: 'Oh Manis Ku', 'Mari Menari'. ALOHA 1950: 'Dayung Sampan'. PEMBALASAN 1950: 'Tak Guna'. PULAU MUTIARA 1951: 'Mabok Kepayang', 'Di Pulau', 'Mutiara Permai', 'Kita Berdayung'. BAPA SAYA 1951: 'Choraknya Dunia', 'Tinggal Impian'. ANJORAN NASIB 1952: 'Berdendang Ria'. ANTARA SENYUM DAN TANGIS 1952: 'Bertemasha'. PUTUS HARAPAN 1953: 'Gelora Chinta'. PENAREK BECHA 1955: 'Dengarlah Sang Ombak Berdesir', 'Taman Asmara').

And here's the lyrics for 'Baidah' that you requested:

baidah baidah oh kesuma dewi
baidah baidah oh asmara murni
siang malam aku terbayang
wajah mu nan jauh membayang

baidah baidah oh asmara murni
baidah baidah sebagai melati
lihat rembulan mangambang bercahaya
harapan nan abadi

oh baidah (4 X)
dengarlah dek, dengarlah kesuma hati
nyanyianku di tengah malam nan sunyi
bisikan dengan angin yang lalu
bisikan suci dari kalbuku
angin malam yang sedang meniup sayu
katakanlah kepada kesuma hatiku
oh baida asmaraku sedang merindu
membayang wajahmu selalu

It is now difficult to find the P Ramlee's classics you mentioned. Someone in the list might able to help. Alternatively, you could get P Ramlee films on VCD to hear his songs.

Harris Anwar Saadullah of Sydney, Australia wrote:

>Sudah lama saya tidak lagi kedengaran lagu arwah P Ramlee yang bertajuk 'Baidah'. Dapatkah saudara memberi saya senikata lagu itu?
>Selain dari lagu yang tersebut diatas, saya cukup minat dengan lagu-lagu arwahnya dari filem seperti 'Antara Senyum dan Tangis', 'Pulau Mutiara' dan sebagainya. Dapatkah saudara memberi senarai lagu-lagu arwahnya yang berduet dengan Momo dan Nona Asiah. Kalaulah masih baik ingatan saya, lagu-lagu itu semua adalah hasilan filem dalam tahun limapuluhan. Disamping itu bolehkah saudara memberi tajuk-tajuk filem yang dilakuninya dalam tahun limapuluhan itu.
>Saya adalah peminat lagu-lagu lama dan saya ingin tahu samada saya boleh dapat keset lagu-lagu nyanyian arwah P Ramlee dalam tahun limapuluhan itu. Selain daripada arwahnya, bolehkah saya juga dapat keset lagu-lagu lama nyanyian Momo, Nona Asiah, Rokiah, Rohani, Normadiah, Siput Serawak, Rubiah, Mohd Yatim (Maruti), Ahmad C B, Jasni, R Azmi, Aziz Jaafar. Kebayakan lagu-lagu yang dinyanyikan oleh biduan dan biduanita ini adalah ciptaan Osman Ahmad, Yusuf B, Zubir Said dan kalau tak salah juga Ahmad Jaafar, Mohamed Wan Yet dan Kassim Masdor.
>Banyak dulu saya simpan piring hitam yang dinyanyikan oleh arwahnya tetapi saya tak tahu kemana benda-benda itu sekarang ini. Masih saya ingat piring-piring hitam itu bercap HMV (warna merah lebelnya) dan Pathe (warna hijau lebelnya).
>Entah dimana tetapi masih dalam simpanan saya lagu-lagu lama nyanyian S Abdullah, Koesbini, Soelami dan Ribut Rawit dan piring-piring hitamnya pula bercap HMV dan Canary (warna kuning lebelnya).
>Andaikata pehak tuan dapat mengemailkan apa yang saya tulis ini kepada semua 'members' ada kemungkinan bolehlah saya dapat butir-butir lebih lanjut lagi tentang lagu-lagu dan filem-filem limapuluhan arwah P Ramlee.
>Terimakasih dan saya ambil kesempatan mengucapkan kepada semua 'members' Selamat Tahun Baru 2005.

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Ifa
Sent: 4 January, 2005
Subject: P Ramlee Documentary

Hi Ifa,
There are many TV documentaries about P Ramlee and Jalan Ampas Studio shown on Singapore's Suria channel. I believe they were produced by Yusnor Ef, who was a 'student' of P Ramlee. When Yusnor was a young man he used to hang around with P Ramlee at the latter's house and during film location in Singapore. Don't know whether there are available in VCD format. We have future plan to stream P Ramlee documentary at the Cyber Museum in collaboration with the copyright owner.

I also wish to share my sympathy for the victims of tsunami. Several of our list members reside in Aceh, Indonesia. As you might know, P Ramlee's father migrated to Malaya from Lhokseumawe, Aceh. We hope all our friends well. May God bless the souls of their loved ones. Amen.

(Sorry that I posted in English for the benefit of non-Malays in the list)

Ifa wrote in Fans of P Ramlee:

>Saya ifa ingin bertanyakan mengenai vcd documentary mengenai hal-hal kehidupannya(p.ramlee). Ada tak documentary yang berbentuk vcd...saya harap ia ade....kerana masa waktu 1990 an waktu saya masih sekolah menengah ade rancangan mengenai p.ramlee, kisah kelahirannya, kehidupan suka dan dukanya, rumahtangganya dan bidang nya sebagai penghibur ada dipaparkan di televisyen, tetapi saya terlupa rancangan dan channel apa namanya. Saya harap rancangan rancangan boleh di salurkan ke vcd. Saya pasti ramai akan beli vcd doku. itu kerana ia berbentuk media cetak boleh ditonton ramai berbanding buku yang harus dibaca dan huruf-hurufnya amat kecil sekali. Saya harap pihak felix entertainment akan "lahirkan" dokumentary kisah p.ramlee ke vcd...insyallah!

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