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2004 / 1


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2004 / 1

From: Shaik Asgar b. Shaik Ibrahim
To: Fans of P Ramlee
Sent: 27 May, 2004
Subject: Songs composed by P Ramlee

There could be a kind of catch somewhere. Dr. Aqir who sent the e-mail bracketted up Zainal Akhirudin as another name. As far as I know, Zainal Akhirudin is the youngest son of the late Dato Zainal Alam Bin Hj. Zainal Abidin or is there another Zainal Akhirudin I do not know about? If this Dr. Aqir is the Zainal Akhirudin that I know, then the better person to answer his queries should be Dato Zainal Aziz who is his uncle who was P. Ramlee's close buddy.

Shaik Asgar b. Shaik Ibrahim

Dr. Aqir (Zainal Akhiruddin) wrote:

>I would like to know whether P. Ramlee did compose a song for/about the love for his dear wife the late Saloma from the many songs he has written and sang. You know, he composed songs like Azizah. Perhaps Shaik Asgar can do the enlightenment. Who, may I ask, the late Zainal Abidin, the school teacher of P. Ramlee? Zainal Aziz, and Zainal Alam? There's 3 Zainal(s). Are they prominent as the Kennedy(s) or somewhat? its rather interesting to know that they share a kind of the same SIRname. Thanks and salam from me, Dr. Aqir.

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Kassim
Sent: 21 May, 2004
Subject: Mistakes

Hi Kassim,
Thanks very much for the corrections.

Kassim wrote:

>First of all, I didn't mean to offend you in any way. In fact I appreciate your effort to build up this site...you must be a true fan of P Ramlee just like me. Keep up the good job!
>To answer your question, here are a few errors that I came across:
>(Refer to Fan's Mail 2003/1)
>1. You reply to Alejandro > funny fat guy in 'Ali Baba Bujang Lapok' is H M Busra not H M Bosra. Probably typo error!
>2. Your reply to Abigail regarding a song containing lyrics sound like kami lah penyamun di dalam negeri ini...la...la...la.... Actually that is not part of the song entitled 'Hoi Hoi Ya Hoi' from the film ALBL as you mentioned...but the song is from the film 'Nujum Pa' Blalang' sung by the two penyamun, Badan dan Nyawa with Belalang up on a tree trembling...
>3. Your reply to Adskan regarding the title of the song P Ramlee played with a guitar in the movie 'Bujang Lapok'. The title is not 'Tanjung Katong' but 'Nak Dara Rindu'.

From: Nawiruddin Zainal Abidin
To: Fans of P Ramlee
Sent: 12 May, 2004
Subject: P Ramlee Singing Contest

As for me, im a bit concern about the song rather than the copycat singers. This is because P Ramlees songs are now slowly fading away and if were not careful it will be forgotten by the young generation. So, whoever the Singer is, we should give them some credits because of their initiatives. So we need more well known together with the not known singers to lift-up P Ramlees songs so that it will be remembered by the youngs.


evergreen lover

From: Shaik Asgar b. Shaik Ibrahim
To: Fans of P Ramlee
Sent: 11 May, 2004
Subject: P Ramlee Singing Contest

I agree with you that sometimes these P. Ramlee Talentimes produce more copycats than actual singing and performing talents. Nobody has seen what has gone wrong because such things do happen in Elvis Presley Talentimes also. Is it necessary to copy the real person? There have been several winners but they cannot cut albums because it is better for the public to hear songs sung by the original singers than by these copycats. The most they can do is to earn a few bucks performing at public shows while they imitate the famous performers. Hope members can offer their viewpoints.


Shaik Asgar b. Shaik Ibrahim

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Dr Ismail
Sent: 10 May, 2004
Subject: P Ramlee Singing Contest

Hi Dr Ismail,
An annual P Ramlee singing contest? Been many years since last time RTM aired the P Ramlee singing contest on TV. Warna Radio Singapore organized the 'Nostalgia P Ramlee' singing contest with much fanfare in 2001. Would be good if you willing to organize another round of contest. We could help with the promotions.

What really not good about P Ramlee singing contest is that all the contestants try to imitate P Ramlee's original tone. Most of the time they sound artificial and so awful. Even if they are good, do we really need a P Ramlee copycat? Perhaps, we should allow the participants to sing their own version with original vocals. For example, Sheila Majid's jazz version have made P Ramlee oldies like 'Tiru Macham Saya' became popular amongst the younger generation. Similarly, Black Dog Bone did fantastic new arrangement for P Ramlee's 'Aneka Ragam' and Nasi Goreng. You would never think that these songs came from very old films. During the 60s-70s we heard exciting versions of P Ramlee songs recorded by Ahmad Jais, Anita Sarawak, Sharifah Aini and many great local singers. Present day singers like Liza Hanim who recorded P Ramlee cover version didn't add any value -- they are copyrights pirates!

Any comments welcome.

Dr Ismail Ab Jamal wrote:

>Let's organize a yearly affair of Telentime for P Ramlee songs only for men and Saloma for ladies. It would a great yearly event if it is properly organized.
>We can look for sponsors for the Grand Prizes.
>Give it a thougnt. I volunteer to become the main organizer.
>Best Regards.
>Dr Ismail Ab Jamal, PhD(HRM)

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Ahmad Salihin
Sent: 27 April, 2004
Subject: Ibu (was 'Please help me!!')

Hi Ahmad Salihin,
Yes, the song lyrics were written by S Sudarmadji and music by Ahmad Jaafar.

Sad to note that farahaqil.com's P Ramlee Project has ceased to exist. But I don't really understand Farah's farewell message (below). Problem is, when farahaqil.com was revamped in late 2002 they literally copied many of the contents, programming and images from the P Ramlee Cyber Museum. They didn't seek prior permission or given us due credits, acknowledgement, links etc. -- a normal practice (not to mention copyrights laws).

Nevertheless, I still think it would be good to have many P Ramlee sites for all his fans out there. But contents must be original and offer alternatives to the visitors. For example, there are many Elvis Presley, Britney Spears and Hollywood artists sites, both official and fans' alike. Each with different objectives and qualities, complimenting each other.

Ahmad Salihin wrote in Fans of P Ramlee:

>I believe the lyrics were written by S. Sudarmadji
>correct me if I'm wrong........
>by the way, what happened here......?
>sad to read this...........:
>to our visitors,
>we just don't feel like doing and updating the p. ramlee project anymore simply because we hate being taken advantage of. who? what? where? when? why? we'd rather not elaborate.
>if, or should we say when, when we decide to do the next p. ramlee project, it will definitely have access control unlike what we have done previously. till then.. farewell my good friends.
>farah aqil nayli, 4th oct 2003. 10.00 pm

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Noorzana Sa'don
Sent: 27 April, 2004
Subject: Please help me!!

Hi Noorzana,
Here's the lyrics you requested from the movie 'Ibu':

ibu ibu engkaulah ratu hatiku
bila ku berduka engkau hiburkan selalu
ibu ibu engkaulah ratu hatiku
tempat menyatakan kasih wahai ibu

betapa tidak hanya engkaulah
yang menyinari hidupku
sepanjang masa engkau berkorban
tidak putusnya bagai air lalu

ibu ibu engkaulah ratu hatiku
tempatku menyerahkan kasih
wahai ibu

Noorzana Sa'don wrote:

>Hi guys,
>I need your help terribly. I need the lyrics from the movie 'Ibu' entitled "Ibu".I really need that song lyrics as soon as possible cos its for my mum for the upcoming Mother's Day so I hope you guys can really help me with this fast. If you guys get the lyrics, can you email it to me. thanks a millions guys. I really appreciate the help that is given. Thanks.... :)

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Zaqs
Sent: 5 January, 2004
Subject: Enquiry on site map

Hi Zaqs,
Here is direction to the P Ramlee Memorial at Kuala Lumpur:

1. Take Jalan Tun Razak towards the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. (You can access this road from KLCC, Bukit Bintang, Ampang Park, Kampung Baru etc.)

2. Exit the flyover at Bulatan Pahang. (Plenty of high rise flats near this busy roundabout. The Kuala Lumpur General Hospital is near the roundabout facing the monorail tracks.)

3. Enter Jalan Pahang into Jalan Genting Kelang on the other side of the roundabout. (Hospital Islam Tawakal will be on your left.)

4. Move along towards Setapak until you pass Courts Mammoth on your left.

5. A short distant away you will see a signboard to Taman P Ramlee (formerly Taman Furlong).

6. Enter Taman P Ramlee on your left.

7. Follow the signboards until you reach Pustaka Peringatan P Ramlee at 22 Jalan Dedap. (There's a row of shops facing the memorial.)

Please share your comments on the P Ramlee memorial with Fans of P Ramlee!

Zaqs wrote:

>to whom it may concern, this Chinese New Year, i'm going to KL. So, when i reach there, i want to go to P. Ramlee Memorial..but the problem is i don't know how to get there. Since, i have my own transport, i would like to have a map of the location. could u provide me a map there?...since its not given in the web.

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