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From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Farah Aqil Nayli (farahaqil@farahaqil.com)
Sent: 31 December, 2002
Subject: Our copyrights

Dear Farah,
Let's resolved this matter in a rational and professional manner.

1. FYI, The P Ramlee Cyber Museum was officially launched by Tan Sri Ahmad Sarji during a P Ramlee commemoration at MATIC on 22 Mac 1998 under the patronage of Dato' Zakiah Hanum. Please check out our site for excerpt from various newspaper cuttings, Ahmad Sarji's book, etc. referring to the occasion.

2. Your P Ramlee website was launched in September 1998. There were Dr Minni of UPM's, The P Ramlee Cyber Museum and many others before you. Fact is, we had submitted a proposal on The P Ramlee Cyber Museum to Arkib Negara way back in 1997 but was unfortunately ignored. We subsequently launched it ourselves.

3. We have no interests in other contents at your website except for copyrights owned by www.p-ramlee.com comprising content materials (about 50 or more) used by you unlawfully without our prior permission and/or given due credits, including:
  - 'P Ramlee quotes' (comment.htm/set.htm)
  - 'Biodata' (biodata.htm)
  - 'Leading ladies' (ladies.htm)
  - 'Awards' (awards.htm)
  - Photo images (various).

4. Your website was revamped very recently i.e. 26 November 2002. Prior to that date, there were no content materials similar to www.p-ramlee.com at your original website.

5. Please explain why the language, texts and format of some content materials at your new website are 100% identical to www.p-ramlee.com. We have sufficient proof that the hidden links (completed and incomplete) and unique graphic markings on each content files are our original works.

6. Technically, there is a 'date of creation' on every content pages, photo images and whatever files at the website which you could not hide, amend or lie, especially in the Court of law. Please provide proof that content files at your website identical to www.p-ramlee.com are originated from your computer and have earlier dates.

7. You have used numerous copyrights owned by www.p-ramlee.com without prior permission and/or given due credits to us. To add insult to injury, you had acted in bad faith (malafide) by blatantly excluded www.p-ramlee.com from your list of other P Ramlee sites.

8. We posted two reminders at your website forum being only channel of communication. Both messages were subsequently deleted. I was since banned from the forum. Let's be transparent about this matter to your visitors and members i.e. if you have nothing to hide.

9. The P Ramlee Cyber Museum is operated by a professional organization governed by law. The local and international copyrights laws are clear about our rights and your liabilities.

10. Please note that this is our THIRD reminder for you to remove all copyrights owned by www.p-ramlee.com immediately from your website. Failing which we would not hesitate to pursue this matter in accordance with prevailing laws avail to us (civil suit, criminal charges, press release, etc.).

We look forward to end this matter with you amicably.

Farah Aqil Nayli wrote:

>yeah right...
>all the information was sourced by me personally, from various magazines, books, interviews....
>what copyrights are you talking about????
>my site has been running since 1998 way before yours....

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Farah Aqil Nayli (farahaqil.com)
Sent: 30 December, 2002
Subject: Please remove copyrights of www.p-ramlee.com

You have contravened the relevant laws regarding copyrights owned by www.p-ramlee.com. We hereby instruct you to remove our copyrights contents from your website immediately including 'P Ramlee quotes', 'History', 'Leading ladies', 'Awards' and various images etc. which you have used illegally and without our prior permission.

Please note that this is a second reminder. Failing which we would pursue this matter with our solicitors.

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Farah Aqil Nayli (farahaqil.com)
Sent: 29 December, 2002
Subject: Copyrights from www.p-ramlee.com

You have adversely used copyrights materials from www.p-ramlee.com without our prior permission. Neither have you given due credits and/or links to our site. Please remove our copyrights materials (texts and images) from your site immediately which we have the details.

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Fans of P Ramlee
Sent: 12 June, 2002
Subject: Perayaan Khas Peringati P Ramlee

There's also 'Maji Lee' or 'Madjilee', the anonymous name for lyrics/music credits in many P Ramlee films during Jalan Ampas days. 'Maji Lee' or 'Madjilee' stands for the popular songwriting team S Sudarmadji and P Ramlee. S Sudarmadji wrote the lyrics for many songs and was assistant director to P Ramlee in many films. Please note that the word 'Lee' comes after 'Maji' even though P Ramlee was the star attraction. Otherwise it will be 'Lee Maji', something like 'Lee Majors' :)

Zarul wrote:

>This man even named himself multi racially.....P.Ram-Lee
>No wonder everybody likes him

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Fans of P Ramlee
Sent: 29 May, 2002
Subject: 29th Anniversary of death of P Ramlee

Dear P Ramlee fans,
Today 29.5.2002 is the 29th anniversary of the death of P Ramlee. We hope to have a major event to commemorate the 30th anniversary next year.

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
Sent: 06 April, 2002
To: Jamal Jupir
Subject: P Ramlee and his movies ...

You got my point about the local film industry. As for P Ramlee's 'Hang Tuah' (1956), that was the most expensive local film ever made in mid 50s, about $1 million then (multiply that by 10 now for inflation). Other movie budgets were peanuts at that time. I'm talking >costs Vs profits>. Especially now, people expect authenticity and all those terms in an epic production. Gedit?

People have wrong perception about P Ramlee. He was just an ordinary artiste. What made him so successful was his team of friends pooling ideas for the films and music they made. And he shared credits for his works but rightfully deserved due recognition for his master mind. What made P Ramlee / Malay films industry faded was a lack of good talents team at Merdeka Studio as compared to Jalan Ampas. If you look at later period, all the inputs (movie props, dialogs, acting, music, camera, lighting, etc.) were deteriorating even though technology was advancing. The 'asal siap, dapat duit' ('get done, get money') amongst the Malaysian crew. This was the beginning of 'malaise' in local film / music industry until now.

No other Malaysians could make 3 local blockbusters every year over a period of 20 years (altogether 66) and some 360 movie tracks in various art forms. P Ramlee had won local and consecutive awards at Asian film festivals. Not to mention overseas special awards for artistic versatility, contribution to Asian film industry, etc. His 'Ibu Mertua Ku' (1962) received special mention at International Film Festival in Paris back in 1965. Have Yusof Haslam, Aziz M Osman or what have you received outside recognition? Local films now are very much 'jaguh kampung', take away 'star value' you lose the 'story value'. Don't dream of any Awie's film becoming a classic. Even attempts for sequel to 'Semerah Padi' (1956), 'Bujang Lapok' (1957), etc. failed at box office.

'Simplicity' is an art. It takes a genius to transform complex ideas into simple form.

Jamal Jupir wrote:

>talking about P Ramlee, i always have failed to realise or gasp the logic that his movies were, somehow, great. what is so great about P Ramlee's movie if compared to the current movies which has managed to attract a considerable amount of viewer in this very competitive market especially with the flood of foreign movies? I like P Ramlee version of Hang Tuah, but we dont want people to consider that movie is the ultimate stand on Hang Tuah. lots of people consider the 1930's Three Musketeers is classic, but when Hollywood made a revised twist in the plot of the original Three Musketeers in The Man in The iron Mask, it managed to get a good response. could we do the same thing as well?
>P Ramlee might have enjoyed a great success due to its simplicity - both the film and acceptance of audience. up to early 90s, movie makers have religiously followed P ramlee formula, and that make people, mostly young audiance who enjoyed fast moving, high budget, stayed away from local film. imagine if we remake 'Tiga Abdul', and what would be the outcome? that is why hollywood never remake three stooges in its original theme?
>see u later, my good man.

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