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P Ramlee
1929 - 1973

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'The P Ramlee Cyber Museum' is a tribute to the legendary actor, singer, comedian, songwriter, screenwriter, film director...

A star of multi-talent and versatility not matched by his fellow countrymen till today. A true icon.

FelixEntertainmentDotCom wishes to provide members of the public (old and new fans alike) the most comprehensive infotainment and resources on the WWW about The Legend who had captured the hearts of young and old. His lovely songs, his sweet melodies, his musical virtuosity, his memorable films, his funny antic, his social message...

So much to praise for someone's short lifetime. Yet so difficult to compress all his achievements and contributions in this tribute homepage of sorts.

We have a lot of ideas and plans. But will keep the nice surprises until we have fulfilled this most ambitious dream ... one at a time. 'The P Ramlee Cyber Museum' that we envisioned will have gadgetry of the latest form and technology of new age multimedia. If only we have the means.

All said, we seek fullest support for our initiatives from members of the public, individuals and organizations alike, true fans everywhere, who share a common cause to build yet another monument -- a cyber one that is.

Any contributions of articles, comments, ideas, information, translations, photos, etc. and sponsorships for contents page are very much welcome to enable us to continue constructing and maintain this ingenious initiative.

'The P Ramlee Cyber Museum' is FOR YOU.

Let us all share our tribute...

Zaedi Zolkafli
Founder / Chief Content Creator 'FelixEntertainmentDotCom'
Founder / Chief Content Creator 'The P Ramlee Cyber Museum'
Author / Publisher 'Koleksi P Ramlee. Susunan Zaedi Zolkafli'
Writer / Director / Producer 'Rencam Rencana Seniman Agung (1929 - 1973)'

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