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About his films

Q. Who discovered P Ramlee?
Indian film director B S Rajhans from Malay Film Productions of Jalan Ampas, Singapore spotted P Ramlee singing his song 'Azizah' at the Malay Agriculture Show in Butterworth, Penang on 1 June 1948.

Q. What was first film P Ramlee acted?
'Chinta' / 'Love' (1948). He played a villain in the film.

Q. How many films did P Ramlee act?
65 films (including 3 as guest star).

Q. Did P Ramlee act in all the films he made?
He did not act in one film he directed called 'Panca Delima' (1957).

Q. What was first film P Ramlee acted as 'hero'?
'Bakti' (1948) with Kasma Booty as heroin.

Q. What was first film directed by P Ramlee?
'Penarek Becha' /' Trishaw Man' (1955). P Ramlee acted as hero with Saadiah Baharum.

Q. How many films P Ramlee directed at Jalan Ampas Studio?
16 films. P Ramlee also directed additional scenes for 'Sergeant Hassan' (1958) after director Lamberto V Avellana returned to The Philippines.

Q. Who else directed films that featured P Ramlee?
B S Rajhans (8 films), L Krishnan (4), S Ramanathan (4), K M Basker (2), B N Rao (6), Phani Majumdar (2), Lamberto V Avellana (1), Tao Qin (Doe Chin) (1), Ramon A Estella (1), Dhiresh Ghosh (1) and Jins Shamsudin (2).

Q. What was last film P Ramlee made at Jalan Ampas Studio?
'Tiga Abdul' / 'Three Abduls' (1964).

Q. When did P Ramlee move to Merdeka Film Productions of Ulu Klang?
16 Apr 1964.

Q. What was first film P Ramlee made at Merdeka Studio?
'Sitora Harimau Jadian' / 'The Tigerman' (1964).

Q. How many films P Ramlee directed at Merdeka Studio?
18 films.

Q. What was P Ramlee's last film?
'Laxmana Do Re Mi' / 'Do Re Mi 3' (1972) shot at Merdeka Studio. Sequel to 'Do Re Mi' (1966) and 'Nasib Do Re Mi' / 'Do Re Mi 2' (1966).

Q. When did Jalan Ampas Studio close?
1967. Last film was 'Raja Bersiong' (1968).

Q. When did Merdeka Studio close?
1980. Last film was 'Adik Manja' (1980).

Q. Did P Ramlee act in television drama?
P Ramlee did two television dramas namely 'Intan' (1971) and 'Rantau Selamat' (1972), both written by Abdullah Hussain.

Q. Did P Ramlee make stage play?
P Ramlee directed four stageplays namely 'Jiwa Putera Melayu' (1956), 'Sultan Mahmood Mangkat Di Julang' (1959), 'Damaq' (1962) and 'Sam Pek Ang Tai' (1972).

About his songs

Q. How many songs of P Ramlee?
401 songs (excluding his pre-film days).

Q. Did P Ramlee write all the music?
Music mostly written by P Ramlee. Also works of top Malay composers of that era such as Zubir Said, Osman Ahmad, Yusof B, Ahmad Jaafar and Ahmad Nawab.

Q. Who were P Ramlee's song collaborators?
Mainly S Sudarmadji, Jamil Sulong and Ainol Jamal. Others were A R Tompel, H M Rohaizad, S Kadarisman, Salleh Ghani, Syed Hassan Sahab, Sutan Sharil Lembang, Kamaruzzaman, Mas Merduati, Usman Awang and Yusnor Ef.

Q. Which female singers recorded with P Ramlee?
Mainly Nona Asiah, Momo Latiff, Rubiah, Lena Abdullah, Normadiah and Saloma. Others were Sutinah, Salbiah Haron, Rahmah Rahmat and Hashimah Yon.

Q. What films P Ramlee did not act that used his songs?
Many films including 'Arjuna' (1954), 'Bapa Saya' / 'My Father' (1951), 'Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup' (1959), 'Belantara' (1957), 'Berdosa' (1951), 'Budi Mulia' (1953), 'Chemburu' / 'Jealousy' (1952), 'Derita' / 'Suffer' (1951), 'Empat Isteri' / 'Four Wives' (1955), 'Gergasi' / 'Giant' (1958), 'Kipas Hikmat' / 'Magic Fan' (1955), 'Pembalasan' (1950), 'Pendekar 4' / '4 Warriors' (1968), 'Pulau Mutiara' / 'Pearl Island' (1951), 'Puteri Gunung Ledang' / 'Princess of Mount Ledang' (1959), 'Rayuan Sukma' (1951), 'Saudagar Minyak Urat' (1959) and 'Tunggal' (1969).

Q. What are the theme of his songs?
So much variety including balad (Merak Kayangan), children (Nenek Nenek Si Bongkok Tiga), comedy (Pok Pok Bujang Lapok), folklore (Seribu Satu Malam, patriotic (Perwira) and religion (Rukun Islam). There also Malay traditional (Lenggang Kangkong Baru), tari (Tudong Periok), asli (Nak Dara Rindu), inang (Inang Baru), joget (Joget Tari Lenggang), zapin (Zapin Malaysia), keronchong (Keronchong Kuala Lumpur) as well as celebration of Idil Fitri (Dendang Perantau) and wedding ceremony (Di Renjis-renjis Di Pilis). And a taste of Chinese (Apek dan Marjina), Indian (Pujaan Ku, Pujaan Mu) and the Middle East (Ya Habibi Ali Baba).

Q. Has P Ramlee ever sung an English song?
P Ramlee sang 'Autumn Leaves' as guest star in 'Melanchong Ke Tokyo' (1964). The song was performed in English and Malay.

Q. How good is P Ramlee compared with Western composers?
P Ramlee never recorded in English but many of his popular songs have western influence such as a-go-go (Merak Kayangan), bolero (Juwita), mambo (Kwek Mambo), march (Do Re Mi), rumba (Larut Malam), samba (Nasi Goreng), slow beguine (Putus Sudah Kaseh Sayang), slow rumba (Hamidah), rock n roll (Ali Baba Rock), tango (Jiwa Lara), twist (Bunyi Gitar) and waltz (Tidur Ku Di Rumput Yang Basah).

Q. What was P Ramlee's last song?
'Air Mata Di Kuala Lumpur' / 'Tears in Kuala Lumpur' (1973). Song was recorded by his wife Saloma.

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