ENGLISH TRANSLATION An interview with Zaedi Zolkafli (Founder of The P Ramlee Cyber Museum) aired by kampungku.com from Toronto, Canada on 13 March 2005 at 8:35 pm @ Singapore (7.35 am @ Canada / USA Eastern). Interviewed by Executive Producer Mira BEGIN Mira: Welcome to this program. How are you? Zaedi: Good. Thank you. Mira: How's everybody in Singapore and Malaysia? Zaedi: They all doing great. Mira: First question why the P Ramlee project? Zaedi: I think of P Ramlee as an extraordinary artist. An icon for the Malay film and music industry. Our objective is to promote his works internationally. Foreigners can learn about P Ramlee and the golden era of Malay films from the Internet. Mira: Can you tell how and when it gets started? Zaedi: We launched the P Ramlee Cyber Museum on 22 March 1998 in memory of the 25th Anniversary of his death. There was a big festival held in Kuala Lumpur officiated by Tan Sri Ahmad Sarji former Chief Secretary of the Malaysian Government. Also a fan of P Ramlee. We still continue building the content. Mira: How is it financed? Zaedi: Expenses for building the website are our own. We also use income from sales of merchandise for operating costs. In future we plan to involve the copyright owners of P Ramlee in product placement and e-commerce at our portal. Mira: What are interesting features that visitors to the site can expect? Zaedi: Our website consists of four sections. Firstly 'infotainment' -- information on P Ramlee and his works. Secondly 'interactive' -- communication with fans of P Ramlee via online. Thirdly 'merchandise' -- P Ramlee collectibles such as CD, VCD, magazines, books, etceteras. Fourthly which we will launch later is 'entertainment on-demand' -- that is music Mp3 and 'video streaming'. Mira: There will be karaoke music and video as well. Zaedi: Yes, all that under entertainment-on-demand. Mira: Please tell listeners how it can be accessed. Zaedi: So easy. Simply type www p hyphen ramlee dot com Mira: How has the response been? Zaedi: Response from the public has been good. Mostly the fans, students and academics, arts practitioners and film researchers. They are multi-racial and various nationalities -- not only Malay. For instance, we received many orders for P Ramlee VCD from Indonesia, Australia, Europe, United States and Japan. This shows that foreigners also appreciate the great works of P Ramlee. Mira: What does the life and works of Tan Sri P Ramlee mean to you personally? Zaedi: P Ramlee has been my idol since I was just a kid. His music and films are inspiration to me. Mira: There is a question from my colleague David. David: What is your favorite P Ramlee movie and why? Zaedi: Hard to answer because there are sixty-six films. Each film has its own strength. To me personally I like Ali Baba Bujang Lapok the most. Mira & David: (laugh) Zaedi: The story has 'universal' appeal. Great comedy. And a variety of good songs. Mira: Thank you for the time on this program. Zaedi: Thanks Mira and your working colleague. Mira: Before we leave is there anything that you wish to add? Zaedi: My regards to all fans of P Ramlee that are listening this program. END