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Title: P Ramlee - The Bright Star
Author: James Harding & Ahmad Sarji
Publisher: Pelanduk Publications (M) Sdn Bhd
Year: 2002
No. Page: 300 (including cover)
ISBN: 967-978-834-2

'P Ramlee - The Bright Star'

P Ramlee was the quintessential Malay entertainer par excellence, the Malay Noel Coward, it you like - actor, composer, singer, filmmaker. In his own lifetime, P Ramlee created a myth of what a boy unschooled in music and in the performing arts could attain. For the world, he became a symbol of the eternal genius of music, acting and directing. Despite the heights and brilliance he had attained on the screen and in the music world, he remained a humble person. He has a luminous quality - a combination of brilliant acting, melodious singing, radiance - to set him apart, and yet make everyone wish to be like him.

Why another P Ramlee? One might just as well ask why there are so many volumes dedicated to Shakespeare or indeed, any pre-eminent figure in any given field. Despite the large number of accounts, there is always something new to be said about Chaplin or Shakespeare. The same is true for P Ramlee. This is an essential biography offering a wealth of information about P Ramlee, the man and his work. He is, after all, one of the glories of a cultural heritage which deserves to be far better known in Europe, and, indeed, throughout the whole world.

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