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Customers Feedback

I just received the package and everything is fine. Thank you very much! Please save the want list I originally sent to you and let me know if you can find any of the other films on the list.
Brian Moran WINTER SPRINGS, FL, USA (repeat order: 38)

My package arrived today. Thanks so much. I guess it will take me a long time to view all these films. If you think there are still other classic films available, maybe I will write to you again in the future with a new shopping list.
Stanley Wanicki CLEVELAND, OH, USA (40)

The VCD arrived today. Thank you ever so much for sending it to me.
Joel Salaysay VANCOUVER, CANADA (1)

Received the VCDs in the mail today. Thank you so much!
Ryan Smallwood CHICAGO, IL, USA (12)

I received the 'Matahari' VCD today. Thanks very much for going to all the trouble to get it. I am very grateful.
Kevin Peter Blackburn NANYANG, SINGAPORE (1)

Many thanks for my last order (september/october 2010). I was very pleased with my VCD.
Marc Leparquier PARIS, FRANCE (repeat order: 11)

Just to let you know that I received the VCDs today. Thanks very much, I look forward to watching these classic films! Best,
Dr. Philippe D Mather SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA (8)

Today at 11.00 am I have received the package you sent me. I really love it. Many thanks to you. Possibly I will order again.

I got your package at the beginning of this week, thank you so much for sending the VCDs! Kind regards.
Andreas Huber HETTLINGEN, SWITZERLAND (repeat order: 9)

saya telah terima vcd yang telah dikirim hari rabu tanggal 17-01-2007 dan siang tadi tanggal 18-01-2007 telah saya kirim wang via speedpost untuk pesanan saya berikutnya ...
Zulfahmi Fahmi SUMATERA UTARA, INDONESIA (repeat order: 30 + Free 1)

Just a few words to inform you that I got the parcel with the five VCDs this morning, and in perfect condition ! Thank you very much ! As I plan to order some others next month, you'll hear of me again !
Jean-Claude Michel SAINT-OUEN, FRANCE (repeat order: 5)

Thanks, I got them this morning and they're wonderful.
Edward Buntario TULSA, OK, USA (5)

Many thanks, received both yesterday...I started playing on my DVD - seem to work! Will order more in the future after I have watched these....
Shaik Ismail McMINNVILLE, OR, USA (2)

I got your 2 VCDs (Anak setan, Hantu kubor). Thank you very much for sending them!
Andreas Huber HETTLINGEN, SWITZERLAND (repeat order: 2)

I received the 5 vcds today in perfect condition. Thank you for your nice service! I'm very glad to have those rare movies. I will send my next order within a few weeks.
Aizu Shingo TOKYO, JAPAN (repeat order: 5)

Just a few words to tell you I got the parcel yesterday, in nice condition. I'm very happy to have these classic Malay movies. In a few days, I'll send you another list of Malay movies I'm interested.
Jean-Claude Michel SAINT-OUEN, FRANCE (3)

The film arrived today and I have already played it twice. Thank you for sending the film so quickly. I will watch it again!
Richard Greenleaf LONDON, ENGLAND (1)

Order arrived this morning in good condition. Thank you very much. Will make another order very soon.
Peter House OXON, ENGLAND (4)

Thank you for sending them. Please let me know which titles on the list are available. And also, please update me with new releases.

I have received the vcds of the movies - Thanks.
Anand Ramanathan BELLEVUE, WA, USA (9)

I already received the package today. I will contact you if i need more collection. Many thanks for your help.

Thank you for sending me the VCDs. Im looking forward to see them!

I received the VCDs safely. Thank you for your quick and nice service. I'm very, very glad to have those discs. Thanks again!!!
Aizu Shingo TOKYO, JAPAN (7)

Saya sudah terima VCD yang kamu kirimkan, terima kasih banyak. Mungkin saya akan pesan judul yang lain. Masih bisakah?

I have received the VCD's ordered and it is a joy to watch those classics again. Received it yesterday. Thank you.

Thank you very much for the service that you have provided and am very happy in receiving two of the PRamlee's CDs sent via mail. Had a go in watching the 2 CDs and they are really good. I like to thank you for the excellent service. Terima Kasih!

Thank you for your help. If you can recommend a source for other Malaysian classics, please let me know.
David Wallechinsky SANTA MONICA, CA, USA (1)

Got the cd today. Thank you.
Ed Nadorozny TACOMA, WA, USA (1)

Got the VCD today - many thanks. Will let you know if I need more VCDs in the near future.

I just picked up the VCDs from the post office. Thanks so very much for picking those up for me. Now to go watch them! Best.
Tim Murphy SOUTH EL MONTE, CA, USA (6)

Vcd nya sudah saya terima. Sebelum dan sesudahnya sangat banyak terima kasih buat anda yang telah sudi menolong saya.
Marlina Sihombing ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLAND (12)

Want to inform you that i'd received all vcds and without problem with the customs. Please don't forget to remind me if you've these titles ...
Rusli Kassandra JAKARTA, INDONESIA (48)

I just wanted to let you know I received my order last Saturday, and I am most pleased with it. The movie 'Anak ku Sazali' brought back many happy memories for my mother, who played a very minor part in the film. Many thanks for your attention, and all the best for the future

I already received 4 VCDs today. I would like to say thank you very much. I will order again next time. Thank you for your co-op!
Musa Bin Abdul Manan JURONG WEST, SINGAPORE (4)

I have received the VCDs. Reminds me of my time in Malaysia back in 1981. Thanks a lot. Again, thank you for your assistance.
Rizanoel Irvin JAKARTA, INDONESIA (4)

Malay Film Productions | Cathay Keris Films
P Ramlee Collections | Malay Color Classics | Malay Horror Classics

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