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Title: Anak-ku Sazali / My Son Sazali
Released: 27 October 1956
Director: Phani Majumdar
P Ramlee, Zaiton, Noordin Ahmad, Rosenani, Hashimah Yon,
Daeng Idris, Habsah Buang, Malek Sutan Muda, Ibrahim Pendek,
S. Kadarisman, Siti Tanjung Perak, H M Rohaizad, Kemat Hassan,
Fatimah, Salbiah Haron, Omar Suwita, Shariff Dol, Mak Dara,
Junainah D Harris
Child Star: Tony Castello, Habibah, Rahman, Idrus, Suriani
Story: Phani Majumdar
Photography: C Ramachandran
Editor: H Narayana
Sound: C L Chong
Music: P Ramlee
Lyrics: Jamil Sulong
Songs list:
Anak-ku Sazali
'Tiada Kata Sechantek Bahasa'
'Itulah Sayang'
Joget Si Pinang Muda
'Istana Chinta'
'Keronchong Orang Seletar (Keronchong Kemayuran)'
'Chelorong Cheloreng'
'Best Male Actor' (P Ramlee) and 'Best Child Actor' (Tony Castillo) at 4th Asian Film
Festival in Tokyo (1957)


Synopsis 1
by Dr Ismail Ab Jamal

The movie tells us the story of Hassan who has great passion for music. Hassan and Ani eloped and ran away to Singapore knowing that their marriage will never be approved by Ani's parents. Hassan soon made a name for himself as a musician and later as a composer. His compositions received great reviews. Hassan was overjoyed when he found out that his wife was pregnant but it soon turned to sorrow as Ani died giving birth to a son, Sazali. Hassan turned his affection towards Sazali and soon Sazali grew up into a rich spoilt kid. Sazali grew up to become one of Singapore's most wanted men. The police was tipped off when Sazali and his gang committed burglary. Sazali was shot but managed to escape and seek shelter in his father's home. What did Hassan do?



Synopsis 2
by Adlish Ghazali

The overall story revealed the problem of a relationship between a father and his son. This is a very touching story, with a very sad ending. It began with an atmosphere of a rich family that only consisted of a father and a son. The dad loves his son (Sazali) very2 much, just because of he afraid that the son might feel incomplete due to the mum's absence (passed away). Sazali can get everything he want, which then made him feel so proud and naughty. As other normal children, the curiosity has led him to try anything, including all the bad deeds. He even dare to cheat his dad and also dare to confront his teachers. However, his father can not do anything to stop him, just because of the 'excessive' love to his one and only child. As time goes by, Sazali became a head of a gangster group, and has a great influence in Singapore. He had involved in a lot of robberies, where at last he has been trackdown by the police. In his last robbery, he has been shot and ran and hide at his father's house. His father has the greatest dilemma at that point of moment, whether to cover-up his son or report this to the authority. Lastly, in order to pay all of his wrong-doing before (not to bring his son up in the good way), he himself had called police and report that his son is hiding in his house. Sazali then has been caught by the police, leaving his father alone with all the memories.


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