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From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Nor Hayati Binte Misrom
Sent: 15 October, 2017
Subject: P Ramlee's video

Hi Nor Hayati,
Please be informed that not all 66 P. Ramlee films are available in the market. Also, the company that releases these VCDs has stopped selling most titles to concentrate on fast moving items. We have stopped taking order for the products due to increased costs. You can try find the VCD(s) at video outlet in Joo Chiat complex at Geylang, Singapore.

Nor Hayati wrote:

>I am a librarian in charge of the AV materials of The Ngee Ann Kongsi Library, LASALLE College of the Arts.
>I am currently looking into having a collection of P. Ramlee's complete films (all 66). Unfortunately, it is difficult to buy his recorded films in Singapore and I am reaching out to the online community on achieving this feat.
>Your kind help and insight into the matter is greatly appreciated.
>Thank you

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Faridah H A Jamal
Sent: 10 April, 2017
Subject: Publisher of P Ramlee's music sheet

Hi Faridah,
That is a tricky question. I will start by stating that most P Ramlee songs copyright belonged to him (as composer/singer) and his lyric partner (such as S Sudarmadji). Having said that, these songs were earlier commissioned by the film studios for the original soundtrack. Only a relative small numbers were re-recorded by P Ramlee or other singer for released by EMI and other old music labels. I notice that EMI had also released P Ramlee songs taken straight from the film and not from its studio recording for the compilation albums. In other words, these songs were not published by EMI in true music industry speak. Therefore, song copyrights remained with the original composer/lyricist/singer as the film studio seemed only interested in their film copyrights.

Faridah wrote:

>Hi! May I know who the publisher is for P. Ramlee's sheet music? I would like to make a request for permission to arrange his songs for school instrumental ensembles.
>Thank you!

From: Zaedi Zolkafli
To: Muhammad Abdulloh
Sent: 01 March, 2017
Subject: Buku 'P. Ramlee yang Saya Kenal'

Hi Abdulloh,
Saya tidak dapat memberikan salinan photostat buku 'P Ramlee Yang Saya Kenal' kerana isu hakcipta. Bagaimanapun, saya boleh mencadangkan supaya kamu cuba hubungi penulis buku ini Encik Yusnor Ef di 017.XXXXXXX sekiranya dia mempunyai lebihan naskah untuk dijual.

Abdulloh wrote:

> Assalamualaikum, saya ingin minta saudara untuk photostat buku ini untuk saya. Nanti saya akan bayar saudara.
>Terima kasih.

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